Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ron had another stroke.

On December 18th, 2010 Ron woke up feeling off. The only thing he could really express was that everything felt "backwards" We called for an ambulance and off to the ER we went. Normally it is 3 or 4 days before Ron is cognizant enough of the stroke to allow a trip to the hospital but this time we were at the ER within 24 hours of the original onset. We won't know specifically what triggered it but it did have to do with some medication issues. He suffered a 2cm to 3cm lesion deep within the Basal Ganglia part of his brain. Physically, he is doing alright. The kept him in the hospital 4 days. He still has some balance/weakness issues along with swallowing issues and a few other things. Mentally he is much more subdued. I think this stroke scared him more the others because he could actually feel the change. This month will be very active for us as we are moving and also trying to fit in lots of doctor visits for Ron. We haven't really been told what this means for his long term. We will be going to see the neurologist soon and hopefully we can work towards more clear answers. I was very grateful to have him with us for Christmas and being able to ring in the new year with my very best friend. We celebrate 10 years of marriage in a few days. Our New Year's Resolution to each other was to just live better, for ourselves. Thank you all for the continued love and support. This relapse proves how much we still need you.