Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14, 2008 Update on Ron

I apologize for taking so long to write an update but we have been very busy with moving and everything.
We went to the doctor last week. She told us that Ron's MRI from June showed a lot of improvement in the stroke areas and there were no new strokes. His spinal tap results were also good. His protein levels and his spinal pressure levels are all down, inching closer to normal. We started tapering his steroid last week and have seen no ill effects so far. The doctor is having us taper 5mg at a time unstead of 10mg. He will have another MRI in 6 weeks or so to make sure that his body is tolerating the lack of steroids and their are no new strokes. Once he gets down to 10mg or less of the steroid, the doctor said he can go back to work. He is super excited about that prospect. He will continue taking the oral chemo for an undetermined amount of time for now. He will be allowed to work while on the oral chemo.
He is feeling pretty good and is enjoying our new apartment. Neither of us have ever lived in an apartment so it is an adventure. He really enjoys the swimming pool and the workout room. Thank you so much for all of your support. I do not know what we would have done without all of you behind us.